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Abstract: If you are planning to wholesale newest products from reliable China wind solar hybird street light manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Fenghuo Lighting, our professional factory is always able to produce cheap price wind solar hybird street light with good quality.
New Products Wind Solar Hybird Street Light Supply For China

High quality Wind solar hybrid street light and low price

Solar led street light manufacturers Our Competitive Products:

1.Solar Street Lights & LED Street Lighting 15W—120W;

2.Solar Garden Lights & Solar Landscape Lights 5W—30W;

3.Solar Battery: 4.5Ah—250Ah/12V, 200Ah—3000Ah/2V;

4.Solar Panels & Solar Modules 5W—300W Poly & Mono 

5.Solar Controllers: 5A-60A/12V or 24V Or 48V IP 65 IP68 Rating;

6.Solar Home Lighting System: 5W—5000W with Lighting + Fan + TV + Fridge + USB Charging Phone Function/AC or DC Power

LED Power


Lamp Efficiency


LED Lighting Efficiency



5500-6500 (Cold White)



Power Factor




Working Temperature



>80000 Hours




Wind solar hybrid street light

1). Green Energy, Save 60%-80% than others

2). Higher power, higher brightness intensity, Good Color Rendition. 

3). Save electricity cost. Save electric transformer and cable cost. Free maintenance

4). Environmental Impact - Eliminate Hazardous Disposal, Low Light Pollution, No Radiation. 

5). Long lifetime: Between 80000-100000 Hrs. If lighting 12 hrs/night, could use at least 12 - 22 Years

6). Less heat Generated compared to other sources

7). Downward orientation of Light, could adjust lighting angles and lighting range and shape on the Ground to meet the road-Rectangular. Other lighting source just could give common round shape and small lighting range.

New product wind solar led street light:

1. Above system configurations are designed working time: 11-12hrs per night, battery capacity

with continuous 2-3 days backup.

The configuration is based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience.

2. The batteries are suggested to be placed in several below ways with battery box for your choice.

3. Please contact us for more detailed technical specification of each part of the system, which can

Be sent upon client's email request. 

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