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Abstract: If you are planning to wholesale newest products from reliable China single-arm solar street light manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Fenghuo Lighting, our professional factory is always able to produce cheap price single-arm solar street light with good quality.
China 6m 30W Single arm Solar Street Light Factory For New Stype

Steel hot galvanized 12m solar street light




Pole and
Solar panel 

Height: 12M
     Diameter:70/180mm,4mm thickness,
     hot deep galvanized Plastic electrostatic spraying,
     working life≥25 years.



Led Lamp

lighting source:60W
     aluminum alloy die-casting molding with toughened glass
     working life>50000 hours




maximum power:2*150W
     poly---solar panel
     working temperature:-40℃--85℃
     Power tolerance:±5%
     working life ≥ 20 years




     working life≥3 years



Battery  Box

2*150AH battery box/engineering plastics,
     working life≥20 years




20A/24V   working life≥3 years
     protection: Overheating  Over discharging  Over charging
     Load overload  Load short circuit
     PV reverse polarity  Battery reverse polarity



Steel Galvanized Single Arm Solar Street Light:6m solar light with 30w, 7m solar light with 40w,8m solar light with 50w,9m solar light with 60w,10m solar light with 60w etc. Solar street light with solar panel and solar battery and controller 


1) Select the place for solar street light

Without any high building and tree to keep out the sunlight; there must enough space for crane truck.

(1)Installation should be in accord of the practical situation;

(2)There must not have any kind of objects keep out of the sunlight.

(3)The solar led lamp is better to far away from the heating source;

(4)Forbid other kind of lighting light direct onto the solar panel and    influence the using of the solar panel;

(5)Forbid other facilities install under the solar street light(such as cable , pipeline and so on)

What's the warranty? 

--PV solar module- product warranty: 5 years Performance

 Warranty: 25years life time, 10 years with 90% output, 20 years with 80% output. 

--Battery: warranty 2 years, with 5-8 years life 

--Controller: warranty 2 years with 5-10 years life 

--Lamp: warranty 2 years with =>80000hours life span


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