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Easy Installation LED Street Light for roadway with 8m 50w
Easy Installation LED Street Light for roadway with 8m 50w

Hot sale high quality led street light housing

Export Market Distribution: 

The company’s main products include Road Lamp and LED Street Light, Street light pole , Solar Street Lighting, LED Lamp, Solar Panel, Garden Light , Solar Garden Light, High Mast Lighting and Batteries.

Our FH Solar Marked LED Street Lights Including:

----Single Arm LED Street Lights;

----Double Arms LED Street Lights;

----LED Flood Lights;

----LED Tube Lights;

----LED Bulbs

Material Descriptions of This LED Light Fixture 80W:

Technical Descriptions:

1.)Lamp Body: High-Pressure Die-Casting Aluminum. Corrosion Resistant, IP65

2.) Application with Polyester Substance in its Surface.

3.) Reflector: High Purity Aluminum or Stainless Steel 

4.) LED Cooler: Aluminum Material, Producing By Module

5.) Cover Glass: High Strength and High Transparent Toughened Glass 

6.) Fastener Bolt and Screws: Stainless Steel, Anti-theft screw 

7.) Ambient Temp:-40~+65°C 

8.) Arm Diameter: 48 or 60mm 


10.) Pole Height: Hot-Dip Galvanized, Painting Plastic, 4M-15M for Choosing

11.) Pole and Lamp Fixture Color: Grey, White, Black, Blue, Green, Etc. 

LED Light Fixture Power




Input Voltage


LED Lighting Efficiency


Lamp Efficiency




Color Rendering Index


Power Factor





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