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Abstract: If you are planning to wholesale newest products from reliable China all in one solar street light manufacturers and suppliers, please feel free to contact Fenghuo Lighting, our professional factory is always able to produce cheap price all in one solar street light with good quality.
Easy Installation And Shipment All In One Solar Street Light For Roadway

China online sell all in one solar street light

Part Name and Lifespan

Technical Specification

Solar Panel:

Lifespan:20-25 years

150W*1PC Polycrystalline. High Efficiency. A-class

Adding Aluminum Frame, Tempered Glass.

Gelled Battery

Lifespan:5-8 years

150Ah/12V*1PC, Gelled battery, Sealed Type.

Deep cycle. Maintenance Free

Intelligent Solar Controller

Lifespan:5-10 years

15A/12V, IP68. Automatic Light and Time Control

Over-charging/discharging Protection

Reverse-connection Protection

Switch on Automatically with Light Sensor;

Switch off after designed Hours later.(11-12 Hrs)

Light source: High Power LED

Lifespan: More than 50000-100000Hrs

40W LED, White Color,3900LM/PC,6500K,IP65,

High Power, High Brightness.

Lamp Housing:

Lifespan: More than 20 years

Die-casted Aluminum, IP65

High transmittance and Density toughened glass

Battery Box:

Engineer Steel, on top of the pole.

Pole System:

Lifespan: More than 20 years

8M Height, tapered Pole, Steel,

Hot-Dip Galvanized. Plastic Coated, Rust Proof,

With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings, Cable, Etc

Resistant to Wind: ≥150KM/H

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About All In One Solar Street Light:

The advantage of latest product:

Put solar panel,led lamp,battery and control All in on box. Without any cable,easy to install an ship. Longer serives life,easy to maintain and replacement.Bridgelux Chip from UAS with high quality.

For example:Led source:20w ,solar panel:18v/50w.Discharge time: full>10hours ,2-3 rainy days




1.street lighting

2.park lighting

3.roadway lighting

4.fence lighting

5.pathway lighting

6.campus lighting

7.ramp lighting

8.boat dock lighting

9.sidewalk lighting

10.remote area lighting and ranch lighting 

Technical Comments:

1. The solar street light configurations are based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience. They are suitable for areas with annual average peak power sunshine of 4.5hrs per day. Battery capacity is designed for 3 days backup in cloudy or rainy weather.

2. Our solar street light system configurations can be customized based on client's specific project requirement and weather condition.

3. The batteries are suggested to be placed in battery box and buried in underground cement pit. In this way, it can avoid over high temperature due to sunshine exposure or too cold weather. 

4. Pole patterns are standardized type, practical and economical, which can also be customized as per client's specific requirement.

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